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About Us


Dundee Cell Proteomics (DCP) is a division of Dundee Cell Products Ltd (DCP-L), a biotech company based in Scotland, United Kingdom. DCP is dedicated to meeting the proteomics needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. These needs are related to their drug discovery and development as well as diagnostics development activities aimed at improving human health and quality of life. The company has developed proteomics technologies, which are offered in the portfolio of this division to clients seeking technologies that can provide solutions to specific problems in their R&D activities.

DCP has highly experienced staff and advisers with over 80% of the company's employees trained to PhD degree and post-doctoral levels. Our team members have expertise in the areas of proteomics, molecular and cell biology, bioinformatics and chemical biology. This multidisciplinary expertise enables us to provide the client with a problem-focused, client-centered approach to project design, project management, data analysis and interpretation of results so that the client is provided with the highest quality service that matches their requirements.

Our operational strategy is to work as a subcontracted research and development arm of the client and thus integrate our workflow and communications formats to their needs. DCP can provide a flexible implementation of the overall plan and would seek, with approval from the client, to incorporate any additional novel approaches and technical solutions that become available during the life cycle of a project to ensure success and to deliver the highest quality results/product.

For more information about our company and people, please visit the About Us page of the company's website.